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Winter Schedule*

Session 1 Dates: Jan 11, 18, 25, Feb 1, 8, 15
Session 2 Dates:
 Feb 22, 29, Mar 7, 14, 21, 28
Times: 10am-11am

Skills and Scrimmage sessions are designed to create a fast-paced environment with the intention of pushing players outside of their comfort zone. Sessions are usually divided into three parts: 

1)    Unopposed – Players are taught the mechanics of performing each skill or turn without the pressure of defenders. This also gives each player plenty of touches on the ball, using each part of both feet. A focus is put on the disguise added to each move, ball control throughout, and the ability to accelerate out of moves with your head up.

2)    Opposed – Once comfortable performing these moves unopposed, we begin to implement pressure systematically through a series of technical exercises. Our focus here is on consistent technique, an awareness of the defender’s location and an ability to problem solve.

3)    Game situations – Sessions will end with small sided games, designed to recreate the situations will have just faced, but in an organic game environment. Here the focus is not only on technique, but also decision making.

Our classes work in small numbers to allow players the maximum amount of time on the ball. Expect to see larger groups broken in to small sided games or transition exercises where players are put on the spot. In a class setting we don’t want anyone to be able to “hide”. We see ‘mistakes’ as learning opportunities and encourage individuality and creativity on the ball.

Freedom, creativity and FUN are the main focus of Skills and Scrimmage.

When possible, we will separate players by age group, ability or gender. These decisions will be made at the coaches’ discretion. Decisions regarding this are always made to create the best possible environment for each player.

Coaching Styles

Though we aim to create an intense training environment on the field, it is important that it is the player making the decisions on the field. Our job as coaches is to give them the tools to make those decisions as quickly and effectively as possible.

Through open ended questions and recreating scenarios, we aim for players to realize the right answers, as opposed to being told. By staying true to this philosophy, we aim to build strong minded players that can adapt to whatever situation they may find themselves in on the field.