Pequannock S.C Training Clinics

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The Sports Factory will be hosting a series of training clinics in association with Pequannock Soccer Club. Each session will be Topic Specific:

Topic One – Shooting & Finishing – Session will cover many aspects of shooting, including various types of shots, shooting under pressure, finishing from different angles to name a few.

Topic Two – Transition.  When a team loses the ball they are at their most vulnerable.  This session will show the importance of counter-attacking and how to create the most opportunities during transition.

Topic Three – Defensive Tactics Without The Ball.  This session will work on team shape, and the tactical requirements of individual players, groups of players and the team when defending without the ball.

Topic Four – Control.  Various techniques will be shown on how to control the ball – when it is on the floor, in the air, or bouncing.   

Please select an option above for further information, please contact Mark White at or call 973-696-9199 if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to help you.

Please note – the sessions may have just a few players involved at a time.  This will be to show specific techniques or tactical play.  Players not involved will be expected to sit, observe and ask questions/answer questions during this time.  There will be a rotation so all players will be involved at some point during each session.  Scrimmages will only be part of the session if it is in relationship to the topic.

Cost - $35 for the 4 weeks.  If players want to sign up individual weeks then $10 per session.

 Date Time Location Cost
 July 9; 16; 23; 30;  6pm-7pm

Stephen Gerace Elementary School,
59 Boulevard, Pequannock

$35 per player or $10 per session