Mini Soccer Festivals 2019

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October 6 - Essex Fells, NJ

October 20 - Tenafly, NJ

November 3 - Lincoln Park, NJ

November 24 - Lincoln Park, NJ  

COST PER TEAM (Max. roster of 6) - $75.00

We are offering any club not affiliated with Mini-Soccer, the opportunity to place groups into the Festivals this year.  If you have a group of 4-6 or more players (boys or girls, born between January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2013) and wish to participate in one or more of the scheduled Festivals, simply register here.  You will be placed on the schedule and receive full details on the time and location of each event.  This is open to all recreational and travel programs that have a vested interest in developing young soccer players within an environment that allows them to learn through participation, and taking away the 'win-at-all-cost' mentality.


NJ Mini-Soccer will run a number of festivals during each season at the Member Clubs locations.  These Festivals will incorporate a number of 4v4 games.  Each game will be 40 minutes in length (4 x 10 minutes; 5-minute break in-between quarters), with a minimum 10-minute break between each game.  During each festival there will be an equal amount of playing time giving each and every player the opportunity to solve problems that only the game presents.  These 4v4 games offer more touches on the ball (players become more skillful); allow for better decisions (improved tactical development); opportunities to be exposed to both sides of playing the game (attacking – with the ball; defending – without the ball); as well as chances to score goals (There are no Goalkeepers required for 4v4 soccer – lots of excitement!)

Players will not be placed on specific rosters, instead they will be given the opportunity to play with others from their club.  This rotation takes away further pressure (win/loss) and helps with the growth of the child (socially and emotionally)

During Festival Play there will be minimal coaching; NJ Mini-Soccer Staff will introduce a set of specific rules of the game that have been developed for small-sided game participation.  NJ Mini-Soccer Staff will let the game flow, and let the players learn from their mistakes.  They will guide the player through this learning process, with an emphasis on the cognitive well-being of each and every player.