Goalie Wars Featuring Eric Klenofsky

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The Sports Factory Goalie Wars
Saturday November 16; 11am – 1:30pm (9-11yr olds)
Sunday November 17; 12:30pm-3pm (12-14yr olds)
Sunday November 17;  4pm-6:30pm (15-18yr olds)

Location: The Sports Factory, 175 Beaver Brook Road, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
Cost: $45

Goalie Wars is a 1v1 tournament specifically made to showcase a goalkeeper’s individualistic talents. Goalkeepers battle against one another while using various forms of distribution and shot stopping techniques. Each goalkeeper plays on one half of the field defending a goal, while trying to score on the opposing goalkeeper.

The game is fun, exciting, strategic and great for cardiovascular fitness. Each goalkeeper is guaranteed (3) 4min games with a possible final. The tournament is for both Boys and Girls, ages U9-College. The tournament allows goalkeepers to demonstrate their talents while testing their physical and mental limits.

Professional Goalkeeper Eric Klenofsky will be on hand to oversee the event, answer questions, sign autographs and offer feedback on the goalkeepers performances.