2020 Indoor Flag Football League

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The Sports Factory are pleased to announce details for our Indoor Flag Football Leagues for Spring 2020. The Sports Factory will host a 9-week Season for ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-13 and 14-18 teams.

Experience the excitement of Flag Football indoors at New Jersey's Premier Athletic Facility.  

Great Field Dimensions!

Limited number of teams will be accepted for each Age Group Division, so register early to avoid disappointment.


Location: The Sports Factory, 175 Beaver Brook Road, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
Dates: Sundays, May 17; 31; June 7; 14; 21; 28; July 12; 19; 26  

League Format: 

AGES 5-7 - 6 vs 6 (roster size 10); Games will be played at 8am or 9am;  (field size 35yd x 20yd)                               COST $995/team

AGES 8-10 - 8 vs 8 (roster size 12); Games will be played at 9am or 10am; (field size 40yd x 35yd)                               COST $1095/team

AGES 11-13 - 9 vs 9 (roster size 14); Games will be played at 11am, 12pm, 1pm or 2pm; (field size 80yd x 35yd)     COST $1295/team

AGES 14-18 - 9 vs 9 (roster size 14); Games will be played at 3pm, 4pm or 5pm;  (field size 80yd x 35yd)              COST $1295/team

*all fees include referee cost plus T-Shirt for each rostered player (max as per regulations)

Duration: Guaranteed ten (10) 48-minute games
League Play/Playoffs: Week 1 -7 will be round robin format.  Week 8 & 9 will be playoff with Week 10 finals and consolation games (*please note The Sports Factory reserve the right to change the format based on number of teams registered per age group) 



All Teams must provide a Roster Form - Download Here

All Players must provide a Health Authorization & Waiver Form - Download Here


Youth Flag Football Rules

No downfield blocking

No stiff-arming

No QB sneaks

No running the ball between the guards

No jamming of receivers 

No blitzing 

Regular penalties will result in a 5 yd loss, personal fouls/pass interference calls will result in a 10 yd loss

Games will be played as 2x 24-minute halves running clock, with a 3-minute halftime: Each team will receive 1 timeout each half: timeout not used in 1st half can carry over to 2nd half

Regular season games can end in a tie

Post season games xtra point tries will be added

No gap play, DL can line up, head up or outside shoulder of OL 

5yr-7yr plays 6 vs 6; everyone is eligible; 1 pass rusher that starts 5yds from line of scrimmage; quarter field play

8yr-10 plays 8 vs 8; 2 man line ineligible; half field play; all OL/DL must be in 2 point stance; NT must 2 yds off the center

11yr-13yr play 9 vs 9; 3 man line ineligible; whole field play; all OL/DL must be in 2 point stance; NT must 2 yds off the center

14yr and up play 9 vs 9; 3 man line ineligible; whole field play; DL stance optional; NT 2 yd off the center

Head coaches are in charge of his coaches, players and fans  

Zero tolerance for fighting and any negative statements regarding race, religion or gender; 1st time player gets ejected for the remainder of the game and season and coach gets a warning, 2nd time offender gets ejected as well as the head coach, 3rd team will be kicked out of the league with no refund 

Forfeit time will be 10 minutes