2020 December "The Rondo" Clinic

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December Schedule

Tuesdays (December 1; 8; 15)

Time: 4pm-5pm

Age Group: 9-10yr olds


Thursdays (December 3; 10; 17)

Time: 4pm-5pm

Age Group: 11-12yr olds


Fridays (December 4; 11; 18)

Time: 4pm-5pm

Age Group: 13-14yr olds

Fee: $75 

“The Rondo” clinic is a 4-station training circuit that will give players technical, speed and quickness, and position specific training. Our coaches will set up stations to give players an all-around training course to sharpen their skills and knowledge of the game.
SAQ – Players will develop fast footwork and use body weight exercises to enhance their coordination, fitness and strength. Having quick feet and strength will help players during those last-minute moments in the game, where most players will lower their intensity, our players will maintain their intensity and play like if it were the first minute of the game.
Technical – Our technical training will focus on developing players’ confidence, creativity, and ball mastery. Players will go through an intense, individual portion of our training, where they will be challenged to try different skills and become comfortable with the ball at their feet.
Position Specific
Attackers – During our attackers’ portion of our circuit, players will be challenged to go 1v1, create chances and ultimately score goals. Players will experience a session where creativity and confidence will be emphasized, challenging players to excel in front of goal.
Defenders –Coaches will challenge players to properly position themselves to defend 1v1s and work together as a team to defend and win back possession of the ball. We will aim to cover not only the technical aspects of defending (body shape, position, balance etc.) but also the tactical aspects (pressure/cover, when are where to press).