Team Training Services

The Sports Factory established the youth training program, with the mission to create an outstanding youth soccer training company and help educate and provide professional training services within the local community to their teams, players and coaches.

We offer the following services for clubs, teams and individual players of all age and abilities. Please contact us at 973-696-9199 for further information if you are interested in any of these programs and/or services.

Game Day Coach


Responsible for game day coaching duties and delivering practice sessions with the team.

Typically the teams practice twice per week with each session being 1.5 hours. The coach handles the game day warm-up, line-up, game time instructions, substitutions and team talks.


Responsible for implementing practice sessions either from:

      • Specified curriculum or,
      • Specific topics identified by volunteer coach/manager from the prior week's game,
      • Typically sessions are 1 or 2 days per week with each session being 1.5 hours.&

Skill Clinics

The Sports Factory can provide your club and/or organization with specialized skill clinics from ball skills, goalkeeping, striking, team related sessions and be tailor made to suit your needs and requirements

Physical Testing

The Sports Factory Physical Testing Program is a system used in many Colleges and Universities across the US, European and South American Academies to monitor the physical development of their players.

The Sports Factory utilizes state-of-art technology to evaluate and record athletic performance across a variety of fitness components which have been identified as crucial to overall performance success in the sport of soccer.

Recreational Clinics

The Sports Factory trainers are well educated on our recreational curriculums suitable for players in recreation programs with the primary focus on technical skill development and fun.

Community Soccer Programs

Partner with The Sports Factory to offer a fun and convenient learning experience for the players in your organization. There are several styles of camp available including team training, pre-season and fun based camps. Clubs receive 10% of gross revenues.


Let The Sports Factory professional coaching staff alleviate the stress of what is one of the most important and difficult tasks of the year. Our trainers can manage your club try-outs in an objective and unbiased appraisal process utilizing our proven player ranking system.

Coaches Clinics

Do you need to bring your volunteer coaches up to speed with the basics of the game? The Sports Factory coaching staff can run demonstration practice sessions to work on a variety of topics. From warm-up, technical sessions and covering all the basics, functional training, phases of play and coaching in game situations.

Travel Team Support

At The Sports Factory we believe it is important that our trainers become part of the overall process of developing the team's players as opposed to someone that simply "trains" them. Open lines of communication between the volunteer coach and the trainer are an important step in this process.