New Jersey Mini-Soccer differentiates itself from other soccer programs by offering both a training module and 4v4 small-sided game-play.  Each week players will participate in two training sessions with a focus on developing an understanding of the game of soccer using a child-centered approach to learning.  Integrated into this learning process will be 4v4 games, which allow players the opportunity to play the game of soccer with many more touches on the ball than a 7v7, 9v9 or 11v11 competitive game. 

To meet the needs of the children, NJ Mini-Soccer places boys and girls in smaller teams, giving them more touches on the ball, opportunities to try new skills and most importantly, to have fun and love the game.  The NJ Mini-Soccer program focuses on allowing the players to learn the game, without the stress or pressure of winning/losing.

 Using the guidelines set out by US Soccer and other Associations around the world, NJ Mini-Soccer follows the Birth Year Guideline mandate, and implements 4v4 Small-Sided Games which provide an age appropriate environment whereby standards align with physiological needs of players based on year of birth.

By developing the whole child, NJ Mini-Soccer can increase self-esteem, build sportsmanship and help foster a better understanding of the game.


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